Sharon Alberts began her career in electrical construction. In 1989, a persistent backhoe operator by the name of Steve Alberts asked her out to lunch. Lunch was so good that marriage followed, as did Talus Construction. The combined experience Sharon gained working with two electrical companies and Steve Alberts working in a variety of underground construction projects evolved into Talus Construction, Inc. in 1991. Since then Talus Construction has built a name for itself through hard work, determination and dedication. Talus Construction serves the Greater Bay Area and the I-80 corridor to Sacramento.

W.B.E. and S.B.E. certified.
Union signatory to the
Operating Engineers and Laborers.

Piping for a better future

It is not too often people think of what is going on underground. At Talus, crews are installing infrastructure to ensure a clean, safe and healthy environment. Storm, water and sanitation utilities are the improvements Talus Construction provides.

The Team at Talus has a personal service philosophy from the estimate through final job walk. Talus encourages open communication with Owners, Generals and Municipalities to facilitate proactive business solutions and on-time performance.

To be a member of Team Talus is to have a commitment to the future and maintain the highest regard for safety, quality, and integrity. From management to field employees, it is expected to treat all customers, vendors and co-workers with respect and consideration. Talus employees are encouraged to spend time with family and understand that providing for the future is a reward in and of itself.


Talus defined -

Main Entry: ta·lus
Pronunciation: ta-'les
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Latin talutium slope indicating presence of gold under the soil

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